Welcome to Onomichi where is the starting point of Shimanami Kaido!

If you would like to go cycling Shimanami Kaido where is well known as the one of the world’s greatest cycling routes, with road type bicycle inexpensively, it’s available here.
We only have few rent bicycles for each size, so we highly recommend making reservation in advance, otherwise the bicycles will be easy taken especially in weekend and best season for cycling.(Apr to Nov)

To bring your own bicycle and enjoy cycling on Shimanami Kaido with it, also gives you wonderful memories.
If you need some help in English in Onomichi, ask us. We may be able to help you with rudimentary English as terrible as you may think you should learn Japanese.

Attention! You can NOT drop off our rented bicycle in other places.

Rented bicycles

-The rent bicycles we prepare for you are only alloy road type.
They are 2*8 or 2*9 speeds, and basically suitable for beginner riders.

merida ride 80

Rent charge


Rent term Rent charge
1 day 3500Yen
2 days 6000Yen
More + 3000Yen per day



Rent SPD / SPD SL pedals 500Yen per rent
A bike Trailer for 2 kids. 1500Yen per day

*All charge is excluding tax(8%)

Available Rented goods

A Helmet, a wire lock, a head light, and an inner tube replacing kit(a spare tube, tire levers) are free rent.

Shimano SPD and SPD SL pedals. 500Yen per rent.
(Exchange pedals and saddle is also available for free if you bring your own.)

A bike trailer, Burler “Bee”. 1500Yen per day.
The riding capacity of the trailer is 2 children, and maximum load is 45kg.
A booking in advance is required, and recommended for experienced riders.

How to make a reservation

Please read below basic precautions first, then send request a reservation through
the contact form with necessary information.

Necessary information is
>the date for use
>the length of using
>full name of every users
>their height
>estimated arrival time if you know
>other demands if you have(example:need SPD pedals)

*The biggest size of bike we have is 54cm that fits for up to 185cm tall.

*You also can make a reservation and ask availability by phone if you speak as slow as you can.
Tel: (+81)848-21-0655 (from abroad) / 0848-21-0655(domestic call)

Return time

Return time is 17:00. We have to impose penalty charges if you are late for the time.

Basic precautions of our rented bicycles

-Please obey Japan’s safety rules.(Please refer this safety guidelines(PDF) in advance)
-Any insurance is not including in a rent charge. Please insure by yourself if you need.
-There is no restroom in our shop. There is a changing room.

Shop location

1-10-5 Tsuchido Onomichi city Hiroshima pref

About Shimanami Kaido

Total distance of Shimanami kaido(way) between Onomichi and Imabari is about 75km, and total elevation is about 500m one way.There are 6 islands between both cities, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the inland sea along the way.The standard route is well marked with blue line as nobody can lose their way, and there are also other islands and courses for various levels of cyclists.There are many places for relaxation on the standard route, so even beginner probably can be completed in a day.


ADDRESS : 1-10-5 Tsuchido Onomichi-shi Hiroshima pref
Shop hours:8:00~17:30
Shop holiday:Wednesday & Thursday